My legs finally given a break, my hands taking a turn for once, my life seemed better after all. Taking in the breathtaking view and filling my heart with joy, I celebrated my goal to reach the top. The dizzying height made knots in my stomach, it made me want to step back from the cliff, but I couldn’t stop staring. I wanted to fly into the clouds. I wanted to jump, but I knew it wouldn’t work. I let the beauty around me overtake me; it filled my body, fell down my arms and sung to my soul. I calmed. Radiating light, I flew. My imagination carrying me through the sky. I drifted to the highest rock and landed on my hands. Life rattled my bones and the earth seemed so real. I wasn’t flying any more, I let my legs drop. The weight of life was back. I tried looking down to the rocks below me, attempting to read the white words drawn on the rock for you to follow; but my gaze kept drifting up, at the sky, at the clouds, at my dreams, and it called me back. It ached for the laughter of my soul filling the sky. I felt the clouds roll in, the blue calling for help, one day, I thought, one day.

Wishing you the strength to take off,





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